Update for Not Recommended List: for Elka Systems, Ecashservices


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They have added some new url's. Vicki over at WOL got bit by Caribbean Pearl.



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Strange...they were listed on the Ecashservices site as using Ecashservices, yet, on their site, they make no mention of the evil Ecashservices.

This bears further investigation.


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Isn't Arcada using GamingLogix software, or have they changed since that debacle with the 100K jackpot winner that they never paid?


VegasUSA used to use Proc-Cyber but I logged in today to check and it says eCash-direct - so I guess they've swapped over.

It still says Proc-Cyber on the VegasUSA website so I'm not sure how long they've been using the new service.


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No - VegasUSA used to use Ecashdirect and swapped to Proc Cyber this summer.

I'm not sure who Ecashdirect is (despite the name it has no relation to Cryptologic) - I believe the name was invented when they changed to Microgaming. I always thought VegasUSA did their own ecash - based on Firecash - and just renamed their own ecash to Ecashdirect when they changed to MG. Looks better with a wellknown brand :)

I checked some old emails from VegasUSA and I see some of them uses @ecasino-services.com mailaddresses. Ecasino-services.com is registered by Naprinel S.A. Naprinel were the ones who used to send Paypal payments from VegasUSA and they're also holding the VegasUSA domain.

I doubt VegasUSA ever had anything to do with Ecashservices. I wouldn't be surpriced if ecashservices just added a bunch of wellknown casinos to make their own shitholes look more legit.

To bad they didn't notice VegasUSA turned into on of the biggest shitholes around.


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"To bad they didn't notice VegasUSA turned into on of the biggest shitholes around."

Good one, Tortex :D


I purchase in May at VegasUSA and they used Proc-Cyber - their software now say eCash-direct, I even reinstaled to check.


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I am 110% sure they switched to Proc Cyber on July 1.

Alan the Punk posted this rubbish on P4K. Tough shit to read if you're owed money from them - but that was what he posted.

Hello All,

I wanted to address some of the questions that have been posted.

First of all VegasUSA is doing fine. The casino went through some tough times with the transition from the old software. The transition had to take place because the old software provider forced VegasUSA to stop taking US and Canadian wagers.

Here is a basic overview of what happened.

When we made the switch VegasUSA's sales dropped in half. We expected quite a drop off but half was a little more than was planned for. It probably dropped that much because we didn't transition directly to download software. Since the download games were not complete we had to first launch the Flash games. The flash games are good but are not nearly as popular as download games. Slower computers don't handle flash games as well.

The drop in sales caused VegasUSA's merchant to freeze distributions. When a merchant sees sales drop dramatically they assume that their client has gone elsewhere and is going to stop sending new business to them. We explained the problem but they were not very responsive.

Finally, after about two months of false promises we gave up and called in the attorneys. When they realized that they were faced with legal proceedings they decided to release about half of over a quarter of a million dollars they were holding.

During this time frame our customer support really started slipping. Emails were not being answered in a timely manner. Service was just not up to the level that we expected. Something had to be done.

We made the decision to move our customer support and merchant services to different companies. As of July 1 all the casino's support is being done by a company that does support for almost all of Microgaming's casinos and the merchant services are being handled by Proc Cyber.

I know that a few people have had bad experiences with Proc Cyber. Please understand that this is only a small portion of the millions of people that Proc deals with on a monthly basis. I also understand that providing additional documentation to confirm your identity can be a real pain. Please understand that this is a necessary step to insure security.

ALL outstanding player payments that came before the move to Proc Cyber are being handled even as this post is being made. They have been confirming information and making payments via PayPal for the last couple of weeks.

If you have an outstanding payment or customer support issue that you need resolution to then email: payouts@diifs.com. You might not get an immediate response but your request will be put on the list and they will all be addressed on an individual basis.

It is important to realize that it would have been a lot easier for VegasUSA to pack its bags and head for the hills. Most casinos would have just shut down and reopened under a different name. VegasUSA has a long history of doing what is right. We believed the right thing to do was to face our problems and solve them as quickly as possible.

As of July 1 ALL payments are being made in a timely manner. Customer support is being handled quickly and professionally.


My apologies, my paypal in May was to/from ecasino-services.com

But the software does say eCash-direct. I tried going to paypal thru the software to check what it said but the page is a 404.


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Just received the following re this casino (in reply to yet another complaint i sent over to Alan;


As I understand it, this player's issue has been resolved. It is still
posted on your weekly roundup for "25thJuly-5thAugust". Can you please
remove it? If there is still something outstanding on it then please let me

Also what do we need to do to be removed from the "Hall of Shame"? I think
we have showed that we are working diligently to clear all unresolved issues
and we have made the changes to our customer support and payment processes
(using Forward Slash and Proc Cyber/Mercantrade) that will position us to
avoid these issues in the future.

**UPdate** The very next day I get another dispute sent in regarding this very group. sheesh some people -- so Alan I think your entry in the Hall of Shame will stay for a while yet as its so deserving


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What is your complaint - cashed in on the 14/06/02 and despite numerous emails
and calls i have got no where
How Resolve --ask why this cashin has not been sent


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Status VegasUSA and the Danish players

Complaints received: 89

Complaints resolved: 10-15 (players only owed deposits)

Amount owed as of today: Around $12,000

VegasUSA locked a total of 143 danish accounts. We only know 89 of them. We don't know if the remaining 54 players ever got their deposits back or how much they're owed in winnings.


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What's the status on non danish complaints on VegasUSA? Are there any complaints on withdrawals after the change to Proc Cyber (July 1).

Are people getting paid by payouts@diifs.com? Doesn't sound like it judging from WOL.

I believe when the manager says sales dropped dramatically after the change to MG (in the P4K post) - however I don't believe it's looking any better now. If they had so many signups as claimed on P4K - wouldn't they have found out about the mailproblems earlier?? They do have phonesupport now. Mail is still bouncing btw.

I don't understand how MG can allow them to go on like this.

I hope they'll be moved to "Not Recommended" soon. Would be the first MG wouldn't it?


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People should somehow be warned about Elka/Ecashservices/whatever... I used to receive several $200 offers a day from Netgaming and sisters (from affiliates). For what I know people are getting ripped by their rigged software. People found out about Netgaming the hard way - but now it's Caribbean Pearl spamming.

I emailed VegasUSA asking if they ever used Ecashservices - but of course none of their emailaddresses are working.

I'll try and ask some of the other sites from
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Would be interesting if they in fact are mentioning sites they have no relation to as clients. Interesting from a players point of view - but also from the casinos involved.

We should also have someone with $200 to spare to do a regular test for randomness.


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Arcadacasino and zilliononlinecasino both use Gaminglogix software and ecashservices processing.

Mark Lesnick of
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just sold his 50% interest in gamblinggoddess.com to ecashservices.


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And there's a very intersting dispute brewing on that at the other board because it appears his old partner Marion Morrison is not happy!