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Feb 13, 2006
Corpus christi
I have deposited and received a matching bonus plus 60% or 75% bonus in Slots Alley every time. I have deposited at least 40 times either 50.00 or 100.00. I always started out at the same slots and every time I got the same results. It didnt matter what I bet if i started to run out I would hit a little jackpot that would take me up more than double sometimes triple what I started with. I would go up and down until I started getting near the amount of times I had to bet before I could cash out. I could not win at that point. There is something very wrong with that. Not just a few times or every once in a while but every time guaranteed. I emailed Slots Alley confronting them with this and replied that if I started out with no bonus and deposited $130.00 to 270.00 I wonder if I would start off like this. That was the 1st time I did not get a reply back from them and I have sent probably 20 common emails to Slots Alley. I talked to some owners from other Casinos that I know and they said that is defiantly rigged. It cost me a lot of money dont let them crooked bastards get to any of you. Pass the word and Boycott Slots Alley Casino and any one that has any ownership of it. Because if they will screw you there they will screw you any where.

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