Runner Runner Movie To Be Used By AGA For Online Gambling Regulation

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Nov 1, 2005
From the Las Vegas Advisor news.......

"Gaming Regulators Look to Hollywood Movie for Lessons: In an unusual development, the board of the American Gaming Association industry lobbying group is looking to Runner Runner, an upcoming movie starring Ben Affleck as an online-gambling tycoon in Costa Rica and Justin Timberlake as an Ivy League grad who believes he's been ripped off by the offshore casino, as a vehicle for raising public awareness about the need for online-wagering regulation and the dangers of betting with rogue Internet casinos. In a statement the AGA confirmed it intends to leverage the movie in support of its goal of a legalized and regulated online-casino market, although exact plans have yet to be finalized; Runner Runner is scheduled for release Oct. 4. "

Sounds like this is based on Calvin Arye. :D
Looks more like it's based on something else too, the Ultimate Bet scandal, but with the location moved to Costa Rica.

It even seems to be a propaganda movie, something to influence those US citizens still in favour of having the freedom to spend at any site into thinking that the DoJ have not been trampling on their rights, but protecting them from being ripped off.

It's even been engineered that way since 2006, as UIGEA has had the effect of driving out the casinos and poker operators based in half decent jurisdictions, leaving a much higher proportion of rogue operators to target and rip off US players.

In real life, he would have been followed back to his hotel, beaten up by hired thugs, and told NEVER to come back asking for a refund ever again:rolleyes:
Has anyone seen this yet?

I've heard mixed reports but having done the whole CR thing really want to see for myself. Can Batfleck be as bad as people are saying? Do I wait for the DVD?
Not seen it yet so perhaps I shouldn't pre-judge but surely movies & TV have a tendency (understatement!) to embellish reality to make headlines and sell seats. So it surprises me a little that a professional organisation would use a movie to back up it's points to be honest.

Or a new guy in the job trying to impress?

From what I've seen the critics have so far not been kind to this movie.

But I agree -it seems an odd way for a trade association to pin a strategic hope on a passing and fictitious fad like a film.
I watched this movie last weekend.

I think main line was with Full Tilt Poker, but there are mixed parts in movie from different old stories about online poker companies.

My rating is 6/10. At the middle of the movie becomes boring to watch.
I'm Confused About What The Scam Is

I saw, "Runner Runner" yesterday and I'm confused about the scam. Would someone be so kind as to explain what the scam this casino is doing?

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