Relax Gaming furthers partnership with BTG


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Aug 30, 2012
It's ironic, because 'relaxed gaming' is about the furthest thing when playing BTG


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Nov 21, 2019
BTG should focus on making their games more appealing to the eye. While they all stand out adopting a classic, sterile and adult look, they keep recycling the same letter symbols in all games with the only change of making them glossier. Also some work in the sound department won't hurt, they have made their own WMS kind of big win style and they stick with it for too long...

A bit of more style won't hurt, and I'm not asking for flashing lights and childish Netent look, but some actual design work a la Blueprints Primal.
I play their games the most and the lack of quickspin(as in just spinning faster not landing the whole reels at once) and the lack of the option to skip the counting are taking a toll in a long session. Pausing the game to display a 2x win in big digits on the screen instead of showing it up in the bar is very frustrating. At least the big win starts at 25x with them and Microgaming at 30x, all the other providers starting celebrations at 10-15x I refuse to play for this reason alone, they are like trying to fool me. Even better, the lack of celebrations like original DOA, old Novomatics, Merkur and Book of Dead is highly welcomed. Investing time in creating a big win animation is time that should be used to make the slot better.

Considering how they started out with those ugly games with ugly menus that were discontinued to become in short time a respectable and game changer provider is quite impressive. They tend to make all their releases a flagship, hype of course helps, but as long the big payouts are possible and mechanical originality is involved they have my play.

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