New Slot Announcement Reel Heist by Red Tiger


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Played it yesterday in fun mode and thought it was really funny how the cop was chasing the villains. But it got seriously boring when they trawl around for 20-30 spins, just seems neverending until the cop throws the baton at the villain. Most wins are 10-30x bet, didn't see anything close to the 2,000x bet the slot is capable of, not even 100x.

Good for a few spins in between, imho.


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Police not another fuzz slot. I'll be damned if I know Swat's going on with this game.....

....doesn't look much cop :oops:


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I don't understand the point of this slot.
How boring and confusing defonatly going to stay away from it :confused:


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Reel Heist

I played for several hours and found the game to be quite good. Several good wins around 100x one big win about 400x, saw several big multipliers close to 2000x but they failed to jump, chased one about 1100x but it got away.

Seemed to be good for playtime, except when you are chasing a multiplier under 10x you are likely just to lose money as you can't win anything in the chase mode.


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Not surprisingly, that famous streamer has won big money in this slot. Everybody else probably will be lucky to nab a 15x criminal.


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Which famous streamer?
I'm gonna guess he means LetsGiveItASpin, who seems to like this slot very much.

I don't suspect any foul play, as just as you'd expect, the same streamer has played a lot of spins on Reel Heist to get those few really big wins.