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Mar 25, 2006
Hi I was wondering what your general experience is or if anyone knows the facts and what they are as far as Microgramming bonuses. My question is can you deposit say $50, roll it up to $100, then withdraw and after you recieve it THEN apply for the deposit bonus?
Play without bonuses if you want to do that.
At 32 Red you have to claim your bonuses before start playing your deposit.
They are generally wise to that. There's two ways they work: the casinos that auto-credit the bonus and those that ask you to claim.

Those that auto-credit means your deposit and bonus is rolled straight into the WR from the off generally, so any withdrawal you make will be returned to your account if you haven't met the WR.

Those that ask you to claim generally set a 24-72 hour time limit from first registering to make your claim. You will generally find that this expires before any winnings you made are returned to you. I think there used to be the odd exception but I'd be surprised if there still was.

Obviously in the latter instance, if you withdraw, then claim the bonus, you will probably find your withdrawal credited back to your account for WR purposes.



Make sure to reed the terms and conditions...

Some casinos require you to play the deposit a certain amount of times, others will credited straigh up.

Be aware, some casinos will give you amazing bonuses, but they are not withdrawable.

also check that their requirements are not ridicoulous...

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