Promised MommyMachine I'd do this....


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And it's never a good idea to break a promise to Mom, so here goes:

Hello everybody! name is Tom and I've been flappin my gums so much elsewhere on this forum, i forgot (forgot= never bothered) to introduce myself. I've been online gaming far longer than i care to admit, having started initially playing poker, then easily sliding into casino play. I played micro-gaming waaay back from their beginning (U.S. players welcome! imagine that! it was a wild, wreckless time in history, folks) and Beta-tested Pokerroom, UltimateBet, PokerStars and a plethora of long gone sites. (hah! don't see "plethora" too often, now do ya? yeah, I know- there's a reason for that) Anyone remember the "PokerSpot Scandal"? That may have been the first rogue poker site in history! (yeah......and i may have been the first rogue sucker as a result)
But, look how far we've come! There are rogue sites by the dozens! American players are still wild and wreckless- only criminals this time! And there are so many hands grabbing a piece of my gambling dollar, I almost feel special!
Yet..... there was always an oasis in the frontier desert of all this insanity- it just took me awhile to get here-
Special thanx to the personal welcomes I've received- Tom


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You made me smile :thumbsup: welcome!


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LOL Awesome. A good man always keeps their promises. Welcome to the forum. ;)


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Welcome to Casinomeisterland :D




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Nice to meet you, Tom! :)

I think we have only beer served here. Someone here is a real beeroholic and even gives it away sometimes! How many gambling forums do that????? :p