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May 12, 2006
North Little Rock, AR
They have been having casino software problems since last week. They shorted me $300.00 dollars at one time, but have since refunded my money. Yesterday, I had a $40.00 bet on a live blackjack table. I won the hand giving me my $40 plus another $40, but the casino kicked me off the table. When I signed back on, that $80.00 was never put in my account. This morning, I had a $50.00 bet again on a live blackjack game and as the dealer was dealing the cards, it told me the dealer logged out and kicked me off their casino once again. I logged back in and my $50.00 was gone. Their technical support is useless.

Do you guys know where I can from here as I am not getting any cooperation from these guys? I was told their problems have been resolved and that's why I kept playing, but I guess they were wrong.

Thanks for any input
Allan Hargrave


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Mar 28, 2003
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Contact their representative about it here.

Unfortunately this Casino has gone down the tubes ever since they changed management a few months ago. The personal hosts are no longer replying to their emails and live support in the software has been out of order as well, ever since.
I have lately tried to get a hold of them again as I used to be VIP there back in the good days... but did not receive a reply. I am not giving them any more business.

Edit: Rangeral, for your own privacy reasons I would also recommend you to not post you real name in public here nor in any other forum!

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