PokerStars still breaking records


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Feb 22, 2001

Supporting the US players continues to bring benefits to leading online poker site

After four weeks of record breaking entries, it is now almost expected that PokerStars will continue to attract record numbers of players from around the world, but most importantly the United States despite recent legislative attempts to hamstring the industry and scare off international companies.

Each week recently the PokerStars Sunday Millions tournament has brought a new attendance or prize-pool record, and this weekend was no exception. Some 6 740 players signed up for the event, generating a $1 348 000 prize pool, with $188 720 the listed first-place money. 975 players were 'in the money', with player "Legato" scooping the winner's pot.

Over at Full Tilt Poker, event number 2 of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series had temporarily replaced the usual big-money Sunday tourney, but the players were still out in force with 3 010 registering for the $216 No-Limit Hold'em, $500 000 Guarantee. It produced one of the largest Full Tilt prize funds ever at $602 000. Player "Joskins" collected the $107 788 first place paycheck.

Ultimate Bet's $200 000 Guaranteed tournament pulled in 946 entrants who paid $215 each for their chance at a big cash-in at Ultimate Bet, and with UB's standard guarantee in play, 100 players cashed and the first prize paid $45 000. "njm3111" added $45 000 to his (or her) bank balance.

Party Poker, which excludes US players, had a quieter night on its $200 000 Guaranteed games. 942 players entered, so the standard payout numbers were in place, including the scheduled $47 000 first-place prize.
Just my weekly post to say how Poker Stars is a total class act and deserves all the success they have. I always knew they would catch Party, it is too bad it was under these conditions. I wanted them to do it on their own merit.
Just my weekly post to say how Poker Stars is a total class act and deserves all the success they have. I always knew they would catch Party, it is too bad it was under these conditions. I wanted them to do it on their own merit.

partypoker was better than pokerstars.
1. partypoker has rev share program
2. withdrawal in partypoker is instant
3. partypoker has more bonuses
4. partypoker has endless freerolls

pokerstars? for small bankroll players it sucks.
I even like full tilt poker better than pokerstars only because of the rakeback!

partypoker is more open to players, affiliates and the whole industry. pokerstars is sneaking to do the business. do you know its affiliate system may eat your players?
1. The only players that would care about this would be the ones getting rakeback there against their rules. The fact that Stars does not do rev share is certainly one of the reasons their limit rake being the most player friendly on the internet so in fact Party's rev share makes it a negative for players not breaking the rules.

2. I think you are confusing this with Stars. Stars has instant cashouts for up to the amount of your deposit. Others are processed in about a day. Party's cashouts are fast but not instant.

3. Party Poker has only had 1 reload bonus in 2006 that was not account specific. Poker Stars has had four plus the VIP bonus that expired yesterday that was available to any player that generated 1500 or more points in September or October.

4. Party freerolls were very rare before the ban. They must be running more now. Stars runs a few but most serious players that care about the overall experience do not care about freerolls.

Very few poker rooms had worse support then Party Poker. Any player that has had an issue with them will tell you this. Stars has probably the best support of any poker room.
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is it just me or have many of the party poker donks made the successful transition to pokerstars. i tried stars tonight for the first time in a few months and it seemed to me that the level of play had deteriorated significantly. (i play mostly $5 sitngos so perhaps it's different in other areas?)

nicest part about pokerstars is that there's no blackjack to tempt me after a bad beat tourney exit.
I haven't played at pokerstars in about two years and went back the other nite and had a great time. I play the single table, sit n go in the ranges of $15-$50 and have either won or been in the money 5 out of 6 times.

Gotta love them players, they just keep forcing money on me :D Now, I found a new past time to break up the casino monotony...and they are paying me to boot! Gotta love them people! :thumbsup:
Unfortunaltely the two up and coming rooms, Pokerstars and Fulltilt, have the lousiest webmaster programs anyone could have. The track record is awful, worse than party ever was.

I don't know about these rooms, usually webmasters and players suffer alike from the same places, but here it seems players are happy and webmasters get screwed.

I wonder how long that will go on before they screw everyone. Or clean up their act. Let's hope it's the latter. So far I hear nothing but webmaster complaints.
Do you mean because Stars is CPA only and Full Tilt deducts anything and everything or are there more problems? Players seem very happy with both of those rooms although Full Tilts deductions are a bit overboard. I mean really, where else does a poker room deduct items bought in the store from MGR?
Yes, that is definitely a factor, and I keep hearing that people think that Stars just doesn't record things in their stats, that the tracking is way off. Full Tilt deductions border the ridiculous. If you are a big volume webmaster, you can do ok, but the little guys get little support and seem to have nothing but trouble.

I did say that players are happy so far. Players were happy at Party too.

In the end that is what matters of course, as long as they keep in mind that "if the payer ain't happy, ain't nobody happy", they will continue to grow.

What do you think of the rumors of Party and 888 combining?
I guess if Party and 888 get married I feel they deserve each other. Pacific is easily the sleaziest of all major online poker rooms. Intentional slow pays and hassles for winning players to scare them away. They also do not honor points for cash promos for many winning players either.

Party at least has a concept of how to process cashouts quickly. I just can't say enough how bad their support is though. Just thinking about when they locked my account for signing an email "Pokeraddict" and the two weeks of hassle I went through getting it reopened was truly pathetic. They stated that since I was a poker addict I had a gambling problem so they closed my account. I had to finally talk to someone very very high up to look at how ridiculous that was, something CS should have just pushed a button and fixed or not made the ridiculous error.

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