Poker Stars


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
This is by far my favorite of the big 4 poker rooms. They offer limits as low a .02/.04 holdem and .05/.10 and they are rake free. They offer no limit games as low as .01/.02. The is THE tournament site. Heads up, single table, 2 table, huge multi tables that start as low as $3. There is always a game at a limit you want. Even stud and omaha. The rake is very reasonable.

.25.50- $1-$2 games rake $.25 per $5 max $1
2/4 + is $1 @ $20 $2 @ 40 and $3 @ $70 This is the best mid limit rake you will find.
no limit and pot limit rake 5 cents per $1.

My cashout was 24 hours. The play is a bit tight but i am a tight player so I adjust accordingly. They also have a loyalty program that you can buy inot freerolls or get poker poker merchandise.