Poker player denies to have killed both his parents


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A professional poker player in USA is suspected to have killed both his parents. But the poker player denies and claims that he's innocent. The motive for murdering both his parents is that the poker player had a lot of debts and wanted to inheritance his their fortune of $1,3 million dollars.

Mercury News in Oakland, USA, recently wrote about a poker player with lots of debts that supposedly took his car on the 7th of march 2009 and drove from his home in Las Vegas to his parents house and killed them both so he could inheritance their fortune of $1,3 million dollars. The poker player had no alibi and couldn't be reached on his mobile when the murder of his 57 year old mom and 60 year old dad took place. Both of them killed after many hits against their necks.

Mobile switched off
The man says to his defense that he ran out of battery for a few hours and therefore couldn't be reached. But the people investigating the murder think it's very strange that he didn't charge his mobile since he had the charger in his car. There is also a recorded video showing a similar car (Chevrolet Camaro 2001) to the poker players in the same areas as his parent's house at the time when the murder took place.
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He had a serious gambling addiction that would make you want to kill your parents.

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