Pacific Poker? Unusual amount of straights and flushes?


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Apr 18, 2004
First, I'd like to say this is a pretty :cool: site.

I usually play 3 sites. Pokerroom, partypoker, and ultimatebet . . . but I found a deal on ebay that, "blah blah . . . I don't want to look like I'm selling something. :)"

Anyways, the deal required that you sign up on pacificpoker for 20 dollars minimum. I played well over 700 raked hands on pacificpoker on 1/2 and 2/4 tables, and I swear I saw more straights and flushes than I've seen on other sites. It also looked like a lot of flops looked suspicious in the way they setup for two players, ie forced betting.

I guess I'm questing how random their dealing is.

I dunno, I could be wrong.
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