NHL/NBA Playoffs Betting Odds


Banned User - flaming douchbag
Apr 18, 2010
Cleveland, Ohio
If anyone is looking to bet on any of the playoff games today here are the current lines.


Montreal Canadiens +230
Pittsburgh Penguins -270
7:00 pm EDT

Detroit Red Wings +125
San Jose Sharks -145
10:00 pm EDT


Orlando Magic -2.5
Atlanta Hawks
5:00 pm EDT

Los Angeles Lakers
Utah Jazz -4.5
8:00 pm EDT

I have been always told to bet with your head not your heart, but if the RedWings season is gonna end tonight they will be taking a $100 of mine with them. I bet $100 to win $125 on the Wings. I do also like the Lakers +4.5 and will do a smaller $50 play on them.

Good luck if anyone is planning on wagering today.