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Oct 14, 2020
Hello to all at Casinomeister. I've just joined the site and wanted to post to the online casino and poker players. I play at Poker Stars and got into the online slots when Stars added them to their site. I play mainly low stakes <$5 S&G tournaments and slots during the down time between hands. All my slot single bets are 1$ or less so I'm not a major player. My best slot win was $5000 on a $.40 spin two years ago. Can't even remember the slot but it did have a Mexican theme and my PC crashed after I won. I logged back on PS to see my bonus had increased $5000.

My strategy is mostly hunt and peck for a good slot rather that picking one slot and throwing a lot of spins at it. That helps me avoid big losses at any one time but also I rarely win big. Looking forward to learning from the forum members and improving my slot returns. Good luck to all.


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