New Jersey Round Two! APCW Perspectives for January 13th, 2012


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New Jersey Round Two! APCW Perspectives for January 13th, 2012
This week the New Jersey legislature handed Governor Chris Christie legislation to expand sports betting online within state. Signing the bill into law, however, could cause a fight at the federal level. Also, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission told players in the United Kingdom this week that they can no longer help them recover lost deposits, and that they should call their local police for assistance.
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It's shocking to think that a gambling regulation authority that licensed FT is simply telling people to go to the police.

I thought it was their responsibility to make sure players are being treated fairly. IMO they are just there to look pretty at the bottom of a site...


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Alderney's handling of the Full Tilt dispute did little to show them in a positive light to players imo, and I get the impression they've been trying to knock the dents out of their reputation ever since.

Giving evidence before a Parliamentary Select Committee studying online gambling licensing in the UK (among other things) recently, Alderney's exec director appeared to be suggesting that applicants for a licence be graded on various attributes to establish a risk profile, and that those exhibiting higher risk indicators should be subjected to independent audits, possibly on a quarterly basis and at the operator's expense.

Although the principle seems sound, I thought the proposal, coming from Alderney as it emerges from the FTP debacle, was a little rich.

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