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Aug 2, 2003
Hi Bryan
Thought you would like to know Net-Club-Casino is not the same as Netclubcasino you have in the rogue casino section. I have been a long term Net-Club member and was away for about 2yrs,when I signed back in I was given a welcome back bonus of $40 not the act of a rogue casino I think?.
I spoke to and he said he would like netclubcasino removed from the list as its causing confusion but that it was up to you to rerevue Net-Club-Casino which he said he would welcome.
So how about it Bryan?
surely this type of player support should get them out of there.
Jeeze, I don't know how I got these two casinos confused:
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) since they are obviously two completely different casinos. Especially the names: Net Club Casino and Net dash Club dash Casino.

I will amend the rogue section post haste.

Please note, it's certified by Safebet so if you have any problems with these guys, you know who to turn to. Good luck! :D
Is safebet gone? I noticed their website is down for a day or so. Maybe on a lunchbreak ill drop by where their whois claims their office is, very close to my home and business, and see if they are still there.
Actually they let their domains expire. Shh!! Don't tell anyone. I'm going to try and pick them up. :D

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