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Sep 11, 2023
Rapa Nui
I recently signed up for slotlords. ( The only reason for this was since i so another user here was a member there i thought i must be a ok site. ) .

My first deposit went through with no problems. i did win a small amount. did the KYC . Yesterday i did a few more deposits and i lost all my money. fair enough.

this morning , it was a bonus in my account. you get almost 11 000kr and you get a 5x wager against it. seems like a no brainer . did a few runs and did win around 24 000NOK. ( after my 5x wager ) showing perfectly in my account was withdrawable 24 078 kr i did a withdrawal and a few hours later , ( NO information , no email , no nothing )
Everything was canceled , still no emails or information . and i started a chat , they did something wrong they said . and everything was just deleted. ( bonus and my withdrawal ). i did ask for a email but since time time of this post i have still not received any. ( I have gamble above the 5€ limit on bonus money max was 54Kr , and that is about 4.47€ or something )

Is this a normal thing ?, I have been doing online casinos since 2012 and this have never happened to me before . Is this normal ?.

Don't know if this is the correct forum but i would like to get some feedback from other users here.




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Curious what kind of bonus this was? Did it just randomly appear in your account? (While you had another active bonus, even?). As far as I can see none of their advertised deposit bonuses, cash backs or tournament prizes come with only 5x wagering, so I guess they can safely play the "obvious error" card and be in the right to void everything. Or did you already play so much there you have started getting personal bonuses, where I guess special conditions would apply? But in that case, there should have been an email notification along with your bonus. Otherwise, wrongly credited bonuses is from my own experience something that occasionally happens on these Softswiss sites (especially newly opened ones) and they got their backs covered in the T&C's. Sorry I'm not of any help here, but this is a curious case. I've also played there and was planning on returning sometime soon.
Dident spend that much money there, i maybe wagered maybe around 10000-15000NOK in total .
I never use the bonus depoits and i it was just randomly there as you say. like 2x bonus there in my account i could activate, one for 11k and cant remember the other one but its kinda sucks that there is no information flow here. i mean. if i get a email telling me that . hey you know what some bug added a bonus(es) on your account and it was a error i can live with that . As you say its kinda the "norm" i would like to stay away from sites like that.

What i really hate, is that there is no information, we did a mistake and everything is void. after you contact them and ask them . what happened.

Should not they as a "professional casino site" inform people when errors happend ? if it was an error.

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