Mr Smith casino wager free spins on deposit


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A Bonanza of Spins. Here’s Jackie boy, and this time he’s got two big bags of delights. Empty his heavy sacks and you’ll find 25 super spins, worth £1 each, to play on Jack and the Beanstalk in one, PLUS 50 wager free super spins, worth £1 each, to play on Bonanza on Monday in the other. All you have to do is deposit £250 or more before midnight on Sept 10 and they’re all yours.

Isn’t it time you helped Jack lighten his load?
Puns anybody?


Swingin' like Darryl Strawberry
I find puns - and the people who use puns a lot - deplorable :eek:

On a side note, that's pretty filthy stuff right there from Mr Smith. Julien Clary would be proud :D