Casino Complaint Megaslot, States processing withdrawal within (1) hour. Don't happen.


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Apr 25, 2019
Hello Guys,

Megaslot is a casino from the N1 Operatives Ltd. Its the last time I play on one of these casinos.

Just to let you know this casino is stating that they process withdrawals within 1 hour to e-wallets. One of the reasons i have joined this casino, but after been waiting for longer then 1 hour. My withdrawal is still pending and it's to skrill.

I just want to inform you guys, if you think you will get your money approved within 1 hour you can forget this as it's just a form of lure you in and i see this as a huge false advertisement!

Look out when you play here as you expect to get your withdrawal approved within an hour won't happen even as it's stated on there website, first come first serve is there mentality as the support told me this aswell.

EDIT: They actually could reject my first 2 withdrawals also not in that timeframe, but after my documents where verified and put a new withdrawal, they suddenly gone in dust.
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Apr 19, 2018
Toronto, Canada
Most N1 casinos do process withdrawals within an hour that is AFTER verification. Verification is usually very quick as well.

I suggest if you are looking for 1 hr withdrawal you pre-verify with the casino, that way there will be no delay.

I’ve had withdrawals from N1in one minute!


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Nov 17, 2021
Used, Roshtein, that on accident pressed demo mode and ended up with virtual the same balance. Something impossible.

But i would avoid playing at megaslot or N1. I gave it a chance because of the live games offering, but there's a few things id like to throw down in here:

- The verification lasted days for someone to pickup. And if it was'nt for my affiliate manager it proberly would have not bin.
- Many of the good games impose a bet limitation upon buying a bonus. Think of san quentin with a max of 100 euro (80 euro basicly).
- The same goes out for the rest of the selection of games, really this casino does'nt want anything todo with financial liability.
- Their VIP program is utterly shit. Deposit hundreds a day to thousands a week and they present you with a 30 euro x5 wager bonus. Like wtf.

Slots are just extremely tight. Yes you can win but dont think you can double that on slots. Seriously. Everything just turns cold completely till your next deposit. You'll have money eating days where everything responds in consuming your money faster then you can play. Lets just say for the amount of money i dropped in the chances are awefull.

Id say they just license the games. And your action is as usual based on what you deposit. Win too frequent in for example Lightning roulette and suddenly video stream freezes. This place is very like crafted to give players just the bare bare minimum.

Ive seen better casino's then this.

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