Man, I am so fed up by SPAM!


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Aug 5, 2009
It is bad enough that I get about 50 emails a day about genuine Rolex wathces at $9.99, and pills that will increase my penis by 1 meter a day, all originating from casinos selling my personal details.. But what really gets to my nerve is the sneaky SPAM like this one from Casino US:

Hi xxxx (tccgxxxxx)
At CasinoUS youre always a winner.

We let you choose your own Match Bonus: 300%, 100% or 35%!
you can get up to 350 Credits on us!
Now at first I would discard this as regular affiliate SPAM, but then I notice it uses both my real name, and my accountnumber. So I figure, %300 percent Microgaming bonus, nice! But I decide to check in with livechat just to confirm that it is a genuine offer. Hurray! Livechat confirms that it is a genuine offer and not "spam". He then ask's me when I created my account and some personal details, I give him the details and after a coupple minutes he says "I am sorry, but you have already taken up our welcome offer upon registration".......

Then why on earth did you send me the email in the first place?! I just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading a promotional email, checking the T&C and then even confirming with livechat that it was a genuine offer, than at the last minute he says I am not eligble for it..

If this was half a year ago I would have just deposited, and then complained to livechat about a missing bonus and then gotten the FU, you have already gotten a signup bonus...

It may sound like I am overreacting, but I am just so fed up with receiving 10+ emails like this a week.

When I confronted the Casino US support with that this was plain SPAM he argued that I had clicked for receiving promotional emails.... Yes, I wanted to receive promotional emails I was ELIGBLE for. When you send out stuff like this you are:

1. Trying to lure me into depositing thinking that I am eligble for a bonus.
2. Spamming my inbox to make your casino known.

Today it was Casino US, tomorrow it will be some other casino. What the casinos that use these kind of tactics don't understand is that they are eventually pissing off their customers. I will now make it a point to never play at Casino US again. Why should I? Why have I never received spam mails like this from the likes of 32RED, Ladbrokes or any other top notch casino? That is because they actually employ people that know how to do their job. Things like this is not rocket science.

So to any operator who send me "promotional spam" like this, or get their affiliates to send it out for them. In the end you end up loosing customers so please just give it a rest!

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