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Mar 29, 2002
Lucky Nugget are you still monitoring this forum? Hopefully you can help me resolve an issue that has been ongoing for well over a month now. I'm getting quite frustrated with support on this one.

A while back, I played more than 50 raked hands and attempted to register for a $1000 free roll tourney on a sunday afternoon. I got an error telling me that I could not be registered for this tourney. I contacted support by phone and they confirmed that I'd played more than enough raked hands to qualify, and they couldn't figure out why it wouldn't let me register. There was about an hour to go before start time, and they said they probably couldn't resolve it before then since they'd need to forward info to Prima Poker and needed an email from me, etc etc. Also they said they would probably just let me register for that same tourney on a different day of my chosing. No problem, sounds reasonable to me. Well no such luck.

Since then, they come back and tell me they need the tournament ID and can't help me without it. Well if someone can lend me their time machine, then I'd be happy to get this for them, otherwise there is no way in hell to get it that I know of. They told me at first to look in playcheck, but I had to remind them that since I was unable to register, there is nothing in playcheck to look at! DUH!! Why Prima Poker can't figure out which tournament this was, based on the date and time of my emails is beyond me. If ANYONE could figure out the tournament ID, it would be them since THEY RUN THE SYSTEMS!

So since then I've gone back and forth a few times with the same results. They won't do anything without the tourney ID, and there is no friggin way for me to supply it. I am VERY frustrated with this situation. I expected a better level of support than this. Would it be so hard for you to just enter me in an equivalent tournament at a time and date of my choice, without my having to exhume Albert Einstein to help me build a time machine to figure out the ID of this tournament?

This should be a no brainer for customer support: Customer fulfilled requirements for tourney, customer couldn't register for tourney, customer followed all requests for further info from customer support, nobody knows why there was a problem, put the customer in another tourney at your expense (which there really isn't an expense since its a free tourney!).

Lucky Nugget Poker, I look forward to your reply on this and will supply you with my account details privately upon your request. Thank you.
$1000 Freeroll Difficulties

Hi jpm,

Lucky Nugget Poker here. Apologies for the late response.

We'd be happy to try and help - please send us your account number via PM and any approximate dates that you have. What we'll do is look at the email history and try and figure this out with Prima.

Failing that, we'll sort something out :) Before we forget, please accept our apologies for the sub-standard support on this. If you'd be kind enough to give us a few names via PM, we'll follow up with the staff concerned.

Kind Regards,
Lucky Nugget Poker
Thanks for the quick reply on this. I'll get the info to you via PM right away. It seemed that the problem stemmed more from Prima than your support people. They kept getting the same reply from Prima that they needed the tournament number which I couldn't possibly come up with. Its just been more frustrating trying to get it resolved than anything else.
Looks like they've sorted out the issue now. Apparently Prima didn't look too carefully at the screenshot I sent them, since it actually had the info on it that they kept asking for. :confused:

In anycase, Lucky Nugget has sorted it out and arranged for me to get in to an upcoming $1000 freeroll, so I'm pretty much satisfied now.

Thanks for resolving this so quickly Lucky Nugget! :thumbsup:
Glad all is well :)

Hi jpm,

Thanks for posting this - we're very happy to be of help and if at any time you need anything, please feel free to let us know via the forum or PM.

Just let us know about that freeroll date ;)

Kind Regards,
Lucky Nugget Poker

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