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Mar 10, 2005
Well, it seems that Lucky 18 (RTG) casino is using the same group of black hat affiliates to spam that Gold VIP Club is.

The email, link and website format is pretty much the exact same, and I wouldn't be surprised if Lucky 18 and Gold VIP Club are one in the same. Even their bonus is strikingly similar. Lucky 18 = $1800, Gold VIP Club = $2400.

Judge for yourself.

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SMTPSVC; Thu, 16 Oct 2008 02:51:17 -0200
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 02:51:17 -0200
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Subject: play craps free

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Jul 11, 2006
New York, NY
Lucky18 Knowingly Hires Illegal Spammers

I thought I would add to this and further raise awareness given the complete lack of response from the Lucky18 Casino Affiliate manager (and alleged CEO) Gil Zelzberg.

As some of you may know, I only joined this forum to comment on casino affiliate programs who spam me, because I suffered the loss of a very close relative due to a gambling addiction which led to their suicide. This was a devastating occurrence, as I'm sure some of you could not imagine living through. Naturally I have absolutely no interest in ever hearing about gambling, but of course scummy affiliate programs don't care (or even know about) who I am, what my history is, or anything. They spam me anyway.

I've reported this spam to Lucky18 going on two months now with absolutely no response, so I started responding to a similiar thread on another casino affiliate forum:

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In that thread I provided direct evidence that they knowingly use illegal spammers, but then claim that they have "no idea" who is doing it, and that their team is "looking into it." Mr. Zelzberg has been saying this for many weeks now. My research and evidence is the only thing that made him respond at all, and he did so only via that forum. He has still never responded to direct complaints.

To summarize the evidence (and you can verify this for yourself. All of these urls are still, unfortunately, alive):

- The spammer uses an msn live spaces url in the outgoing email address to get past filters (eg:!820569DBBDCA0CBC!103.entry)
- That link usually points to a short-lived / bullet-proof domain (eg:
- That link redirects to Lucky 18, and sets a cookie value for "affid" of 42.

There's direct proof that it's a Lucky18 affiliate. I've done this with several other examples and turned up affiliate ID's 44, 45, and 41.

Gil Zelzberg KNOWS who the spammers are. He is doing nothing to stop them. In fact one day after providing this evidence to that forum, I noticed that my geographic location was now suddenly being filtered and redirected to a different casino. He knows full well that he has spammers in his affiliate ranks. It is clear he has no plans to stop them from continuing to abuse individuals like myself. I'm beyond feeling sad about receiving this crap, I want this guy to go down.

Here's his contact info for anyone else who wants to spread the word. Send him the message that we hate spam, and we hate affiliate companies who knowingly support spammers and then lie about it afterwards.

Gil Zelzberg
Affiliate director
Lucky 18 casino
[email protected]
Skype/msn: [email protected]
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

646 area code is located in New York, NY. (Right in Manhattan)
That number is operated by T-Mobile via Omnipoint Communications, Inc.
It's a cell number. He could be located anywhere.

I've copied the FTC on all of my correspondence regarding this malicious "affiliate program". I've also engaged MSN Live Spaces and Microsoft's legal department, sharing all of my evidence and communications with them regarding this rampant abuse of their systems as well.




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Jul 11, 2006
New York, NY
Quick update: he yesterday said he had cancelled some of the accounts I pointed out. I'm still keeping an eye on my inbound spam because I fully expect to see more.

I notice that there are on average 20 - 30 more of the msn live spaces abuses being created every day specific to lucky 18. Still notifying MSN's legal department about that.

I'll believe it when I see it. But at least he finally responded.


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