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Feb 11, 2013
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Hi All,

I'm attending the Live Gaming Summit at the end of April in Barcelona.

The summit is aimed primarily at the Live Casino solution providers, but there will be lots of influencers from the live gaming industry attending including some casino operators.

I've been invited to sit on a few discussion panels, where i intend to comment and give feedback from a players perspective. This is a great opportunity to provide direct feedback to the suppliers and operators to help improve the live casino solutions.

I know what I think about the software, games and they way they are presented.

But I'm really interested to hear other peoples opinions, perceptions and recommendations on what would make the playing experience better. Ideally I'd like to hear from experienced players and also those new to live casino or those that haven't really considered playing or have but haven't bothered.

I'm after any feedback you have, as that will help validate my views and allow me to represent "players" more effectively.

Cheers in advance.
For evolution in particular: they have a quite high incidence of disconnects and glitches, that although is a problem caused on their side, in blackjack/3 card poker/any other game that requires a mid-point decision, players get the short stick as in those games they will auto stand the player. They need to invest in a Playtech style RNG system for when signal is lost and/or have an option where it will play the game to a decent strategy on disconnects, (e.g no standing on hard 11/soft 16 or less in BJ or with a pair or better in 3CP)

Edit to add: also it would be nice if the pre decision buttons are not locked in when you press them, they're quite small and it can be easy to accidentally press split when you mean stand, a chance to cancel and choose again before your turn comes up would be nice. It would also be good if they had an option to have warnings on obviously stupid moves, if you want to stand your hard 20 but misclick hit a disableable "are you sure?" popup would be user friendly.
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Thank you.

I absolutely agree on the pre decision buttons. A few times I've hit when i meant to stand and also hit when i wanted to double. Would be great to cancel it before it got to your turn.
A suggestion for Playtech: you have speed Roulette tables, why not speed Blackjack? Have a couple of tables where betting time is cut in half, decision time cut in half and dealers put in rotation on those tables are the ones that deal cards fast.
Some roulette tables regardless of company are faster than the speed roulette tables.

Pragmatic especially, if I want to change my numbers I don't get enough time and end up hitting corners or neighbours, usually the last 2 miners I wanted that I missed due to time either one or the other was the one that won 🤣🤣.

But yes the dealers seem to rush through, the timers need slowing down too. After all it's the dealers who are dealing on the clock.

It should be a slow paced relaxing game not one you rush to empty your account on 🤔
Some do have the chance to change decision until your go cant remember where as play less now due to online blackjack is clearly manipulated in some way buts that's another topic. This however would be good to be standard that you can change up to your go.

I find sky dodgy in the way they do it as well, after a shoe they come and bring a 8 deck set of cards, remove current ones and then shuffle the new cards into the shoe and the cards you have just played move to somewhere else.
This to me is dodgy as hell completely unnecessary and there is no need for the second set of cards to go anywhere? Other sites clearly have both sets of cards in view that rotate each time a shoe is depleted.

I don't agree with roulette timers being too fast, there are many different ones and different speeds just find one that you like and go with that. I personally would be bored if you have too long between spins 10 - 20 sec of actual betting time is fine IMO

Also the layouts for actually placing numbers could be a bit bigger ( esp on mobile devises ) to cut down the chance of putting splits or corners accidentially instead on SU and vice versa.

Not played prag roulette but have playtech and evo, and tbh i do slightly prefer the evo interface to playtech in some ways, but less so in others.

Playtech you can build bets before committing but on evo you can only build / save bets during betting time.

Evo you can drag and drop chips on and off, handy for changing bets slightly etc

And finally I find it annoying that casinos can have different min stakes esp Evo immersive, I like that game, love the slow motion replay etc but at my most played casino they have it at min £1 chips so I don't play there when my others have it on 20p chips.

What casinos don't seem to realise is that most players would place many chips on the layout and 20p allows this but £1 min makes it way too expensive even for a mid roller when your placing 20-30 chips on spins often. So they are actually sending players elsewhere without even realising probably. Even tho is lower stake I often stake in the £3-£10+ range even on 20p chip tables, that would be £15-£50+ on £1 chips you can see the issue?!
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I enjoy playing baccarat but what I find frustating is the speed at which the dealers show the cards. More often that not the system has already outputted the results on screen by the time the dealer flips the cards over. A similar thing happens on BJ too, by the time the dealer shows the cards (often being distracted by something going on around them) the computer has already shown the result.

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