Leap Year Loot Freeroll

Lucky Nugget

Dormant account
Feb 20, 2004
The Lucky Nugget Poker Room prides itself on fair and honest gaming,
while striving to give our players the best online poker experience.

We recently scheduled the $15,000 Leap Year Loot freeroll on 29
February 2004. This was unfortunately negatively impacted by technical
difficulties experienced by the network. As a result of these issues,
The Lucky Nugget Poker Room took the decision to postpone the event.

However, despite an announcement in the lobby informing players of the
postponement, several players managed to register and continued to complete the tournament. Many players who qualified on the LeaderBoard did not manage to participate fully. This resulted in a payout to the top 25 players from the successful participants on Sunday 29 February 2004 according to the $15,000 payout schedule.

To be fair to the players who did manage to participate in the tournament on Sunday 29 February 2004, The Lucky Nugget Poker Room has decided to honor the $15,000 payout as per the schedule.

The good news is that we will also be rescheduling the tournament shortly for all the qualifying 500 players so that they can take another shot at the $15,000.00 prize pool!