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Hi there, I'm just a Norwegian who are quite new to online gambling. I've just played actively for a few weeks, although a have played a little bit of online poker in the past. I'm a student, and by no means a high roller. :) Signed up here to find my way through the casino jungle.

I also want to maintain - or better, improve - my written English (I don't use it too much nowadays), so I write lengthy forum posts whenever I have the chance. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to spelling, grammatical correctness and such, so feel free to criticise my writing. :p


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Hi there!

Hey! If you like poker and do not have a big bankroll that's fine,you can grow 50$ into 1000$ in time if you want.Although the site is not mentioned here I will recommend you www.pokerstrategy.com for strategies.

I have used their short stack no limit strategy as a beginner and it provides you with more entertainment for your buck.Besides long entertainment it is a very good tactic.Bankroll management will be your first priority with a small bankroll.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a gambler losing his bankroll because he didn't have bankroll management.By that I mean if you have 50$ consider NL 10(5c/10c blinds) hold'em for example and start off with 2$ per table...
Anyways I suggest you read pokerstrategy.com's articles by going for their quiz if you pass their quiz they even give you a free 50$ bankroll :)

For casinos...
If you like tables I suggest blackjack and a good non sticky bonus,meaning they give you a bonus but you can cash out your cash balance(profit+initial bankroll) at anytime.32red offers this kind of EZ bonus I think.

For slots...
Try RTG or slot specific casinos like slotocash(not saying play at slotocash,just an example) that give you giant bonuses but you can only play slots,if it's all you play then it becomes a good thing.


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Thanks for the tips JackOfAllSuit, maybe I'll play some poker again when I have more time on my hands.

I like blackjack, and have actually done the 32red welcome bonus already (bust out on it, though :p), along with some other good blackjack bonuses.