Joyland is charging administration fee's


Dormant account
Aug 13, 2009
Wel this is something new that didnt happened to me before, I got the following email today and I wonder if they can do this without me accepting the new T&C. I dont think they can do it even if I do agree but let me know what you guys think about it.


Dear x,

As you have not deposited into your player account or made a bet during the past thirteen (13) month period, in accordance with clause 7.10 of the terms and conditions your account is now deemed inactive. Accordingly, an inactive account status with positive balance will be subject to a monthly maintenance fee effective from 14 days' time.

The process to reactivate your account and avoid the charge is simple, just deposit into your player account or make a bet within the next 14 days – it's that easy!

Our dedicated support team is available to answer your questions 24-7.

Yours sincerely,

The Joyland Team



Experienced Member
Sep 5, 2010
Quite a few MG casino's operate this policy. Not a worry if you have loose change/zero balance. All boils down to whether you like playing there, then chuck a tenner in and away you go for another 13 months or so. However, judging by your lack of play there then it's no big deal to let them do their thing and probably lose a customer in the long term.