Javascript error - wtf??


Seven day suspension for being a PITA
Oct 3, 2011
I know I've mentioned this before... but yeh gotta say something again about it. This time with 32Red group.

Been doing quite well this evening playing at 32Red group. But am sick to death of the javascript error that pops up from time to time and asks if you want to run the script... yes or no. So I hit yes and it does nothing... so I hit no... (it does this so many times when playing BJ!!!). Tonight it was a slot.

This time it forced me to have to ctlr-alt-del to get out. And then have to re-log back in.

I cannot tell you how many times that when this happens all of a sudden my luck changes and I start to lose.... not bits but lots. I no longer think of this as a coindence anymore.

Been playing for many years so tis my opinion that this javascript error is EVIL!!!