Island Jackpots and Arcade spins warning.


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Feb 11, 2013
Bonnie Scotland!
Just a warning folks these two casinos Arcade spins and Island Jackpots are conning players with a 100 seconds of free spins on Fire and Ice.

The reason being is say you win £50 from your unlimited spins(for 100 seconds) it automatically gives you a fucking £2.50 voucher!

Gee thanks! Didn't want my 50 quid anyway!:rolleyes: I didn't win £50 I won just shy of a tenner. Don't take this promo it's a complete con. That is all :)

My deposit was the other day but having received several spammy emails even since doing it. I thought I'd give you all a heads up to avoid. :thumbsup:
Cassava Enterprises, there's a surprise :eek:

Why would anyone with any experience play at ANY of their sites???

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