Internet Gambling Ban Hypocritical/Opposition shows politicians' hypocrisy


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Dec 16, 2004
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Internet Gambling Ban Hypocritical/Opposition shows politicians' hypocrisy

Little reason to keep Web gambling ban
It's long been said the Internet is like the Wild West ---- uncivilized and ungovernable.

But there was at least one thing you could do in the Old West that you can't on the Internet: gamble.

Not legally, anyway. Not in America.

A Riverside County American Indian tribe wants to change that. The Morongo Band of Cahuilla Indians, which owns a lucrative casino halfway between Riverside and Palm Springs, wants to operate an Internet poker site, taking advantage of an exception in the federal law that allows Internet gambling within a state's borders. (It's ludicrous to think such an earthbound rule can be enforced when dealing with the amorphous Internet, but such is the absurdity of the 3-year-old federal prohibition.)

The Morongo band is trying to sweeten the deal by promising some yet-to-be-determined portion of the profits to the cash-strapped state, but they haven't even won over their fellow tribes yet. The Viejas tribe in Alpine has come out against the idea, ostensibly fearing the "serious negative consequences" of "an unprecedented expansion" of legal gambling in the state. A statewide tribal group also has opposed the idea.

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Jun 3, 2006
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Why do these people keep saying it is illegal to gamble online... When Gambling Online is NOT Illegal inside the USA!!!

Just show me one single person that is in jail or even just charged with a crime... simply because they gambled online inside the USA... You can't, because there aren't any... Because gambling online is NOT ILLEGAL inside the USA.

Now consider that online gambling is a BILLION+ dollar a year activity inside the USA... With millions of Americans gambling online everyday... But not a single American gambler is in jail for it... How friggen illegal is that???

You guys know the US government... if they could put people in jail for gambling online... they would be packing the jails full right now with online gamblers... But the government has not charged a single person...


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Jul 13, 2009
those governments with their stupid regulations are taking away peoples freedom bit by bit :( it's up to the people themselves wether they want to gamble , drink alcohol , smoke or eat fastfood geez. next thing they are going to tell us what to wear, what car we should drive, who we have to date, what haircut we have to have........:eek2: