ICE for the Meister


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Nov 5, 2001
Went to the ICE today Brian and found a few Software Supplier stands that interest me tucked away in the furthest flung corner of the halls.. Nothing of note there, just a few screens and some blokes in suits floating about. I can find out more on your site abouit these firms guy, serious.

Micro no show? Moshall bowling about shaking hands but no Showcase to Showcase...

I really get the feeling it's about networking and with the prices of hotels here
i really must ask you to report what it's all about for you sir because i'm not happy i had to spend 2.20 return train fare..


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Jun 30, 1998
Hi Amandajm,

The ICE attracts nearly everyone in the business. It's not so much the booths, but it's the people. I'm meeting a number of operators here, as well at software suppliers, Neteller, and other pertinent individuals. Most if these people don't have booths.

Microgaming doesn't have a booth simply because they don't need one. They are not presently looking for any new licensees, and this is primarily what the booths are set up for. I'll be hanging around most of the day there in case you want to hook up.