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hi all out there,

after a while now, ill make my first thread.
I work in pokerbusiness for about 15 years now, I dealt for many international tournements, like EPT, APT or Irish Open and some in the caribbean.:thumbsup:
I play online casino for over 6 years now and I l o v e it; I love slots; my favorite casinos are all casinos in the William Hill Casiniogroup, so I dont understand, that some of their casinos are rouged (nova21, joyland,...), because I never had problems with these casinos and I was always payed out fast, and they have the best bonus conditions and wagerrequirements.
So my ``beloved`` gambling software is: playtech (ok, because my biggest winnings were on this software as well;-))
I also like the Rival softwared casinos
I dont like the microgaming software (i did never, never, never had any winnings in these casinos - and i played much with this software)- and last but not least: I hate ``casinoeuro`` I dont understand why they do have a good reputation, I always loose in this casino (my biggest session: I lost over 3.000 in a row, without having one bonus round at the 60-ies slot, avarge per spin was 10) - so dont tell me anything about this casino, because this never happend before to me, even not in a landbased casino;-(((

...so see you all at the tables (poker)


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Hi - Welcome to the Forum.:D


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Hi Schnuggi and welcome to the forum.

Regarding the choice of casinos you play at, I would strongly recommend you to choose from the list of accredited casinos. Not one casino in the rogue pit is put there without a very good and valid reason. By sticking to the accredited section you will have no reason to worry about being ripped off and you will not support roguish activities.

Good luck at the tables and baba


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:)hello and welcome to the forum:)..................laurie