hidy ho


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Welcome to the forum!

No reason to be too overwhelmed, everybody here is just a person like you and me.

Take a look around the different forums and see if you can find a topic that interests you or that you think you can provide some insight to and have at it.

There is a great bunch of people here with a great deal of knowledge and opinions and the only thing missing is your unique individual view.


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hello folks new here and a little overwhelmed :confused:
I can see how being in the presence of my greatness might be a bit overwhelming at times. It helps to remember that I'm only a mortal. True some might notice I have attributes worthy of the gods, but those are simply gifts. Gifts bestowed upon me long ago.

......you may speak now.


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hello folks new here and a little overwhelmed :confused:
...and then we have us normal people with no sence of humour at all :p

Welcome to CM tatiana :thumbsup:
You managed to write your first post. I'm sure there will be more of them.

GGW Laurie

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Welcome to the forum Tatiana:)