Hi, I'm Guy HengHeng!

Guy HengHeng

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Hi, my name is Guy HengHeng! You have all heard about lady luck, how about guy luck? If ladies can win, so can we! In gambling, nothing is impossible!

My best friend who was a casino dealer, taught me what the casino was all about and their games. Before that I did not gamble in casinos at all. Only played lottery once in a while, but did not have much luck either.

After I started learning about the games and their rules, I suddenly felt the urge to play at the casinos for real. So the first place I went to was gambling at one of the cruise ships in Singapore.

Usually as a first timer, you would tend to win in gambling. That was what they called "beginner luck" and so I won. After being exposed to playing at table games, I completely gave up on lottery betting.

Lottery winnings only happen to the miserable few out of the millions. I trust table games more, the outcome is instant, you either win or lose and you can set a limit to how much to win or to lose.

As time goes by, I begin to realise winning in gambling is not always an easy task, there are many factors that will affect the outcome of the game; luck, surroundings, people, fengshui, the gambling place and many more.

I have witnessed many gamblers' downfall, from being a high roller to being a small bettor. This is sad, but that is life. Seeing all those misery has brought my life purpose to a higher level, it inspires me to make gambling my life's work, a dream to become a professional gambler. Gambling is an art, and there are unlimited possibilities in it for me to explore.

To win in gambling you need to understand what is gambling and how it works.

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Hello Guy and welcome to Casinomeister! I hope you find all the info here interesting and you learn more about gambling if you want to have fun and not go broke! :)


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Well said HengHeng

There are so many factors that make one a winner and you mentioned many. As a new forum member I mentioned my card counting skills but I'm not sure that I stressed enough that the tiny percentage gained through counting does not make one a winner.

If anything it gave me a false sense of confidence in making a come back and chasing loses. ANYTHING can happen in the short term. Just what defines long term vs short term anyway? Millions of hands? Billions?

Keeping your head while playing is 99% of the game. I think I said 95% in my intro. I hope you are successful in making many pit bosses and their bosses tremble in there shoes.


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Hi Guy,

Thanks for joining us!