Hello All


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Mar 19, 2008
Thought it was time to be polite and say hello.
A veteran of the fruit machine business,been programming real machines for
a long long time. Had my go at playing online casinos for serious money and sufferred the consequences so I just play for low stakes and fun now and find it a lot more enjoyable.Really enjoy reading the posts esp the screeshots that suck,brings back a lot of memories :).
Only play on Ladbrokes now,played at so many dicey casinos in the past I prefer to stick to one that is 100% trustworthy.
Fav machines
Tomb Raider, got me out the S**T more times than its put me in it.
Dolphin Tale ,very profitable if you hit it right
Would have said Osbournes but they have been playing around with it recently and seems much harder to win,
Mega Moolah,crap base game but "it could be you", have had the progressive feature pay the minor pot on 25p play
TR2 on LOW stakes.
Win spinner, can be boring but the 25 spins really pays if you can get it .
Lucky Barstard , seem to manage to hit the cycle right more times than not.

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