Happy Birthday to the three of you Chayton,Ajustingwell,Lemming


aka LooHoo
Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
Thanks everyone!

Chayton, stay away from my puppy!
I got a puppy for my birthday - it was DELICIOUS! :D

ok just kidding, I didn't get a puppy. But this is what I DID get, and how I did with my freebies:

Club World: $25 (10x playthrough/10x max cashout)
- lost it but played a lot, almost made playthrough without once getting my balance over $50! :eek:
iNetBet: $20 (not sure playthrough or max)
- lost it.
Cherry Red: $20 (75x playthrough) Seems a little excessive to me - $1500 playthrough on $20...sigh
- lost it really quickly.
Rushmore: $20 (75x playthrough) see above
- won a bit but lost LONG before playthrough.
Buzzluck: 10 (25x playthrough - 20 max cashout!)
- lol, I didn't bother with this one.

Royal Joker: $5
- got up to $50 and lost it.
Piggs: 100% bonus
Ruby Fortune: 50% bonus
Roxy Palace: 100% bonus
Villento: Birthday card

3Dice: $25 (30x playthrough)
- lost it in a flash - 30 time playthrough? fttt.
Casino 770: $10
- this casino is fun, I'll have to deposit there.
Luck3: $20 (65x playthrough/ $99 max cashout)
- haven't played this yet.

Conspicuously absent are the ones I play the most - Jackpot Factory, Belle Rock, Royal Vegas, (not even a happy birthday email!) - also didn't get anything from Jackpot Capital, although they may have sent me a lil sumpin through snail mail.

So that's my birthday, woohoo! I got more than I did last year but it seems like some of the WR are WAY bigger too.

Anyhow thanks to all the casinos for the prezzies, I do appreciate the playtime! :thumbsup:

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