General Gripe - it's misleading in my opinion to offer "$50 Free"


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Aug 28, 2009
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when it's really two $25 NDB - which must EACH be preceded by at least two prior $20 bonus matched deposits.

Like so executed EXACTLY in this sequence (merely as an example):

1. $20 x 100% match, with 20x wager requirements; then
2. $20 x 75% match, with 20x wager requirements; then
3. $25 no deposit bonus! Then:
4. $20 x 115% match, with 25x wager requirements; then
5. $20 x 150% match, with 30x wager requirements; and finally,
6. $25 no deposit bonus!

The "$50 Free!" actually costs you no less than $80 in real money deposit, at a minimum.

Or am I being a nudge?
Of course it is, they are trying to get you to deposit money you didn't want to deposit! I always get a chuckle out of buy one-get one free offers where i could save $7.99 (arbitrary amount). I think to myself, "I could save more by not buying anything."
That's kinda like the CWC free chips that they sent around on Christmas. Only thing was you actually had to deposit to get them. Which meant they weren't free at all :) With the online gambling sort of spam you need to take everything with a pinch of salt. Meaning: Free = "Free once you've spent up" ;)

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