Gamstop/SE Limitations


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Apr 2, 2021

Three years ago , I took a decision to self-exclude and embrace Gamstop Now, the GAMSTop and SE restrictions have been lifted and the option to gamble is there having had to field cooling off periods and a ton of questions from the relevant teams. Coral and William Hill have graciously allowed me to re-enter, albeit with strict constraints. A monthly deposit limit of £600 and a loss limit of £150 . Now I know that this may seem generous to some, but for someone like me, accustomed to higher stakes, it feels confining to the point where it seems pointless given I have quite a high salary.

I understand the reasoning behind these limits – they’re meant to protect individuals from falling back into harmful habits. Yet, I can't help but wonder if this is a permanent stain that Gamstop association and SE. They have said that there is an option to increase limits by providing proof of income but wondering of anyone has experience of this? To my fellow forum members who have navigated similar watersHave you encountered similar restrictions upon returning to gambling after self-exclusion? How likely is it that these limitations will persist, despite efforts to demonstrate responsible behaviour and financial stability.

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