Question Free spins on Big Bang and others


I know that this subject has been discussed before... The fact that these slots reset when you go back to normal play after freespins. This happens on Big Bang, The Wish Master, Eggomatic, Aliens, and maybe others too.

But I was sure that the multiplier/achievements would carry on until next time (if ever) you got free spins again...
So I was pretty disappointed to see that my x32 multiplier on Big Bang had gone when I returned to it. :what: :(

I cannot say where or when, but I still believe that I have had freespins on Wishmaster and returned to an active wish... Or am I wrong? Do they carry over only on some casinos, and/or for some of the above mentioned slots? :confused:


IS this related to the promo @ Guts - 4 days of FS on Big Bang?
Haven't checked my spins today yet, but in answer to your question: it was posted on a few occasions that this is possible, i sure hope it is also the case in that promo i mean, since i was counting on that in the hopes of a big win:)


aka LooHoo
Same here QueenBee, I ended at 32x on Big Bang at Guts during another free spin promo, and just got more free spins for New Years but it started back at the bottom again. Too bad. :(