European Gambling Conference draws on expert opinion


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European Gambling Conference draws on expert opinion

Many of Europe's leading lawyers, regulators and operators will be amongst the speakers at the European Gambling Briefing, a two-day symposium taking place across 25 and 26 April at the Conrad Hotel, Brussels.

The first pan-European conference of its type, the European Gambling Briefing will provide essential market data, trends, legal, political, economic and industry opinion from 25 key influencers. Headline topics to be discussed at the ATE organised conference include:

> The regulation of European gambling markets
> The European Commission's position and strategy for gambling
> The case for and against dismantling state gaming monopolies
> The business and investment opportunities in Europe for the global gaming industry

Additional topics include an appraisal of social responsibility policies for land-based and remote sectors, the current thinking on laws controlling money laundering, a review of cross-border legal challenges and a critique of the gambling advertising laws and their enforcement across different EU jurisdictions.

Peter Rusbridge, CEO of ATE said: "The conference will comprise many of Europe's important players including Jean Bergevin of the European Commission, John Whittaker of Stanleybet, Martin Sychold of the Swiss Comparative Law Institute, Mario Galea, CEO of the Maltese Gaming Authority, Philippe Vlaemminck, EU law specialist and Belgian regulator, Marc Callu. The conference will examine all of the major issues and draw upon the expert opinion of the leading thinkers in their respective fields. It is the best single opportunity for business strategists, investors and gambling operators to get the inside track on legislation affecting the changing European gambling landscape."

For further information and ticket availability on the two-day event, follow

Enquiries on the European Gambling Briefing should be directed to Penny Gruber; tel +44 (0) 20 7713 0302, email

Media enquiries to Chris Jones or Alex Fierek at Scott & Jones Communications
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