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Nov 18, 2004
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Hello guys.

As you may know some RTG casinos such as Inetbet, Prism are setting the max cashout for the comp points you earned with hard fightings with the dealer. Inetbet, Prism, guys, look outside, how many casinos are having such a funny system?? Take some Playtechs such as Kiwi, Golden Palace, USA casino, Zipang etc, they literally "the more you play, the more you get" even their comnversion rate is better for ex, Zipang gives you 1 USD for 950 USD bet. They don't give any :::: such as max cashout or playthrough requirement to cashout. Inetbet, Abolish such a bad system and just let the points go free.
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Well, the easiest thing to do is stop playing when you hit max comp - the casinos will quickly learn that they are chasing their best players away and will rescind the rule soon enough.

Re: Zipang, you also have to remember that they are open exclusively to the Japanese market - so you can't really draw a direct comparison. And also, there have been better programs on the market, and also occasional promotions from some casinos with a better comp rate during a promotion or for particular games.

All that being said, I agree with you - what the heck is the point of having a limit on how much in comps you can earn?
I think Inetbet's comp program is more than fair. I hit max comp, but I still kept accumulating points; they didn't stop giving me points just because I had maxed. I cashed in the max points, and I'll cash out the comp again when I hit max again.

It isn't as though there is a lifetime cap on what you can earn.
Hello to all,

Thank you to weedlayer, you are quite correct, there are no max limits on how many comp points you can earn.
The only stipulation is that the max cash out at any ONE time is 2000 which equates to a cash amount of $785.

universexf6, I am sorry but I cannot comment specifically on Zipang as I am not familiar with their operation. However I have yet to see a comp point program which is more rewarding than the one we operate at iNetBet.

As an example if you were playing Blackjack and reached the max comp point limit you would have reduced the 'House Edge' by 0.30%, which is a significant amount when perfect BS is employed.

That said we are always looking for ways to improve our sevice and to offer our players what they want from their Gaming experience. I am always available for suggestions.

Thankl you and good luck to all.

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