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Dec 10, 2004
On Nov. 4th I deposited 100$ and received a 100$ bonus. After fulfilling their wagering requirements (at least I think I have fulfilled), I had only 117$ left on my account (oh well).

The funny thing is that instead of having 117$ free for withdrawal, I have now 112$ bonus money and 5$ real money. Very interesting, indeed.

So I contacted Support (there is a form on the website, no email address given) and asked if they could explain.

No answer.

I continued to ask them again and again. No answer.

So I end up having 100$ of my money in that casino and cannot contact anybody.
Grand Virtual software.

Have you checked the Casino Treasure site for alternative methods of contacting Support (email responses are sometimes zapped by your filters)
I have and did not find anything.

But I have received an answer now (and this has nothing to do with my post here on Casinomeister, I am sure about it :cool: ).

Yes, they said that they have sent me emails before. However I am sure that they did not because ALL emails (including spam) that contain "casino" in header or address are also put in my casino folder.

However they now told me that I have to wager another 225. I immediately did (I actually wagered 250), had a look at my account and guess what, the bonus money was still not released.

Now I replied to the email and wait for the things to come.
Not here. They repeated their T&C in the email and told me I have to wager another 225.

My reply to them did not produce any more feedback yet. I wrote them again via their web interface.

... to be continued.
Still no answer from CasinoTreasure. I now played another 300 and the bonus is still locked.

I wrote them again today.

When I do not receive any answer from them I will withdraw the money that is free to be withdrawn, although I am concerned that they will not pay me even that money.

They still block nearly 100$ that belong to me.
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It is stated as a sticky bonus at paragraph 6. You should better try to double/triple your bankroll, I think.
I cannot prove but I am pretty sure they did change their T&C.

Anyway, the main point is that they simply do not respond. I have played more and have now 132$ withdrawable, which I will take out hoping that they pay.

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