Casinos being warned of BJ apps


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article about BJ card counting apps on ipods
They might have gotten away with it in Indian casinos, but they sure as heck won't get away with it in Vegas or Atlantic City. Not one casino in either of these cities allows a player to be on their ipod/iphone/cell while playing...


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Las Vegas casinos now allow cell phones even in the race and sports books, at least the phones are not banned by the Nevada gambling commission any more.


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Risky business. That said, may be perfect for Back Counting aka Wonging on 4,6, or 8 deck shoes.

I suppose if casinos were suspicious of such, they could just throw the old "NO MID-SHOE ENTRY" sign on the table which generally is seen more often on single and double deck pitch games which is not a Back Counter's cup of tea for several good reasons.

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