Casinos being warned of BJ apps

I used my phone at a table one time and didnt get in trouble. I guess it depends on the game and who cares lol

Wild....I know for a fact that Borgata won't let you near a BJ table if you're talking on the phone.....just figured it was an AC regulation or something.
Las Vegas casinos now allow cell phones even in the race and sports books, at least the phones are not banned by the Nevada gambling commission any more.
Risky business. That said, may be perfect for Back Counting aka Wonging on 4,6, or 8 deck shoes.

I suppose if casinos were suspicious of such, they could just throw the old "NO MID-SHOE ENTRY" sign on the table which generally is seen more often on single and double deck pitch games which is not a Back Counter's cup of tea for several good reasons.

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