Cash bridge to Internet gambling


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

OnCash seen as both ingenious and innovative

Spin, the mobile gambling associate of online gambling software developer Microgaming, has launched OnCash, a system that empowers land-based casinos and other organisations that work in a cash-environment to branch their business into the online and mobile casino mediums quickly and easily, using existing processing and payment solutions.

OnCash has been created for establishments in countries that have a predominantly cash-based culture, and will therefore be a useful medium in the Asian sector.

The system is designed with a powerful web-based network that works like a regular brick-and-mortar casino except that in exchange for cash, players receive credits - to either a mobile casino, online casino or both - that allow them to play anywhere, anytime. The high quality casino games are provided by Microgaming and contain a whole array of classic casino games, including live dealer table games via streaming video and progressive jackpots.

Spin3 developed the OnCash concept to open up the online and mobile casino markets to enterprises, such as land-based casinos and hotels, by offering a new and lucrative revenue stream that fully complements their business. Moreover, the system's unique product architecture makes it fast and easy to deploy with minimal investment.

Matti Zinder, head of Spin3, explains: "Traditionally, a lot of effort in the industry has been placed on the mobile games themselves, and not on the business ecosystem used to deliver them.

"We identified this gap and recognized the potential a system such as OnCash offered to fill this void to make the deployment of interactive casino operations as quick and easy as possible so that these operations could take advantage of the lucrative opportunities available in interactive gaming.

"We are really excited about the prospects for OnCash in developing markets such as South East Asia. We have already begun the product's first trial run, and are looking at a number of potential retail partners in this region and beyond in the near future."

Spin3 is exhibiting OnCash at the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress, at stand number F17. The company is a division of Spiral Solutions Ltd.