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Jul 20, 2003
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Jpm, I know you played at this casino and club dice and are very happy with them.

They are offering a big sign up bonus, kind like the Vegas Red.... And the Black Jack (not VP) allowed at this one.

Wondering are they in the same familiy now???
Same software, different group and management. Be careful, read the T&C closely, they have been known to change it 3-4x a month!
I loved playing at Dice & Carnival. I played at Dice for more than a year and weathered some bad storms with them. (they withdrew $1000 from my bank account instead of depositing). I won quite a bit from both of them. One day I noticed my comps had changed, they had decreased my comp value. The next week they changed it again! When I complained and asked why they had done that they gave me some lame excuse something about that they had changed their software. But my friends that I referred never had theirs changed! Then when I emailed them when I did not recieve an instant bonus that they had offered by email they said that I was an abusive player and was banned from future bonus'!!! They never answered me why. I even got Integrity in on it and they refused to deal with me. I still do not understand why, other than I won consitantly and took advantage of their offers they sent me. Has anyone ever experienced that?

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