Bryan....have a question for ya....


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We had a post in our forum about this site....
and we're pretty sure it's spam.

the site hasa reference to you that kind of suggests that you
endorse it....

Are we correct in the assumption we have made....
or is this website one that you do endorse?

I am almost positive not, but I've been wrong a couple times before,
so I thought I would ask to be sure.




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Ha, like I would endorse "Windows Casino" (the last on this dude's list). It's BS - and he probably is aware that it is BS. He should remove my name from his site.


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That's what I figured.....their sign up date with ezboard was 05/

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(5/6/04 4:37 pm)
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The site he WAS referring to ....I checked it out....

Generic website offering 15% back on losses when you deposit at his affiliate tracked casinos through his links.

He must make way more than that off your deposits....

references Casinomeister giving out the impression that
it's endorsed by him.

I think since he was nice enough to come in and spam our board....I will be nice enoough to send his site to Bryan at Casinomeister....
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He's trying to get you to click HIS link so he can share in the profits with you...and Bryan should get credit from this forum...


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And the Casinomeister reference is now gone...