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Jun 29, 2007
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can someone please explain a bonus whore to me, i have played online for many years and only accepted bonuses when i first started out then i caught on to the wr and how even when i won i really didn't because i had to keep betting to meet these now if i deposit my own cash i wont take a bonus but i've always heard the term bonus whore and never knew the differance between someone who deposits and gets a bonus and a so called bonus whore or are they one and the same???? it just sounds real


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Jun 15, 2007
A bonus whore takes the money and runs to the next john. Tend to play just to get past the playthrough.

Taking a bonus when depositing and playing reguardless of the playthrough is just a player accepting a loyalty gift.


Nov 20, 2002
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A bonus whore uses bonuses only, plays a little fast and loose with the WR's... like playing not-allowed games, plays at any casino that will give them a freebie, and then bitches big time when the rogues don't pay.

An advantage player plays with bonuses, follows the usually vaguely-worded WR's to the opaque letter, and will normally have a fairly good case if the casino won't pay out.

An advantage player bristles at being called a bonus whore.

A bonus whore THINKS they're an advantage player.


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Sep 17, 2006
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A bonus whore THINKS they're an advantage player.
Oh snap.

I am an advantage player when it comes to online casinos, and I'd usually respond to "bonus whore" as well as "bonus abuser", and my personal favorite, "bonus hustler".

However, you can also have people who basically only play with bonuses, but are still just doing it for fun, not to turn a profit. I guess these people would be bonus whores as well.

It's a term to be proud of, if you ask me.


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Jun 2, 2006
Its funny how a bunch of casino's have labelled many players bonus whores, abusers, hustlers etc, he never here of casino's being called bonus renegers, the infamous bogus bonus(thats when they make up some sort of excuse not to pay because of a bonus), the impossible journey bonus (thats when you have a huge W/R and the only game you can play is the weekly lottery but you cant find it because it is hidden in the terms and conditions behind the FAQ behind the General terms and conditions behind the new player T&C's).Not many you can trust anymore, I used to play at probably 12 different casino's now only 3.

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