Big Time Gaming and Light & Wonder join forces to unleash Bonanza Falls

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Feb 15, 2019
Don't know if the world is quite ready for the excitement this brings, but an even more lopsided, bonus-oriented gimmick does not Bonanza 2 make.

More of a gimped version of an already-nerfed game with a 2p coin-dropper stuck on, and labelled MEGADOZE to woo the masses ?
So eager to develop another mega-mechanic (tm) that they can license to everyone, and likely to be forgotten just as quickly as all of the others...

As we discussed in another thread, megaways got lucky (by fair means or foul) - and frankly it never deserved the level of success it has seen. More of a reminder that the industry is style over substance now, that's why there are hundreds of Book of games and very few innovative ones!

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