BetAndWin closes my account - resolved


Dormant account
Jul 7, 2006
I played BetAndWin casino about a month ago, I won over 300 euros, not having fully met the bonus requirements yet, but that wasn't necessary if you don't cash out the bonus.
The next day, I try to log in, but I can't. I got this e-mail:

Dear xxx,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Your betting account and your betting habits have been examined by our security department. Unfortunately they have decided to close your account indefinitely.

We regret that we are unable to give you any further details as to there decision.

We apologise for any inconvenience our decision may cause.

Kind regards,

Your betandwin support team

UNBELIEVABLE, isn't it? :eek:

They won't answer any questions and after having asked a lot for my money, they only refunded my initial deposit. They won't pay my 302 win (this excludes bonus money, it was money completely available for withdrawal), in fact, they are STEALING MY money.

I have e-mailed BAW on this forum, I have sent e-mails to various people at BetAndWin, one said he would look into it, but never got back to me and now even doesn't answer anymore.

I've Pitched A Bitch and sent a couple of e-mails to Bryan as well, but they stay unanswered, we're a couple of weeks later now, but no answer... so I decided to put it on here to warn everyone of these crooks, and I hope Bryan will get back to me soon.

Nice eh, if you lose the casino is happy, if you win, they just take it from you and they're happy too. In the end you just always lose.
A very dissatisfied player
Ok. Relax mate.... Did you ask for a withdrawal of your winnings and deposit before meeting the wagering requirements?
Ok. if your complaint is in fact legitimate, as it seems to be the way you present it, I think Bryan will help you get your money out of there. They should pay a customer and then close his account.
Good luck CasinoMeister

They have the most awful customer service - routinely suspending accounts and mis-settling bets (always in their favour) and frankly are one of the worst "legitimate" online companies that I've ever had the misfortunte to use.

I'm a sports punter - and was winning well there - as they frequenlt cover games thse obviously know nothing about - but in the end the continual hassle meant that I shut my account.

They were never a recommended bookie - and are listed on our
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after my play test experiences with them.

I cannot imagine that their casino operation is run any differently.


But .... I think that you will be able to get somewhere with or as they like to brand themsleves now .... because they're just incompetent ... they're not outright scam artists.

Hopefully this PROBLEM has a good ending.

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