Best sex of your life Vs. your team winning.


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May 7, 2004
ESPN runs some great participant surveys, here is some information they have come up with over the last month. Most of it will not shock hard core sports fans, but many of the results surprised this writer.

Percentages of participants who think these sports are fixed:

Pro wrestling 56%
Boxing 28%
Horse Racing 12%
NBA 6%
NFL 5%
Olympics 5%
MLB 5%

Percentage of participants that have gone to a game and

Snuck into a better seat 27%
Missed a day off work or school 20%
Traveled more than 250 miles to get there 19%
Tailgated for 3 or more hours 17%
Scalped a ticket 13%
Verbally abused players from another team 10%
Painted their face 6%
Lied to a boss, parent or significant other to go 4%
Had sex
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from the looks of those numbers the people who responded to that poll were 100% morons. lol. 56% thought wrestling was fixed? hello! its not even a sport! it cant be anything but fixed! boxing, well that might be their only good one. i wont even touch those numbers. even 5% for the major sports is an insult. there is too much legitimate money involved to "fix" those games. anyone who thinks the fix might be in in an nfl game should have their head examined. only 13% scalped tix??? with the corporations buying all the seats these days its the only way for a fan to get a seat. yeah, only 20% missed work or school. i guess all those people that fill all those baseball stadiums during day games are retired. and 4% lied to their boss? right. as a person who made his living as an athlete i had to vent. stats are invented for the fan and thats cool but espn should know better with the results from that poll. that group of questions and responses should have went into the trash. what a joke.:)

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