Belle Rock Merging Their Poker Rooms?


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I have heard some rumors today that Riverbelle and Lucky Nugget Poker are transfering players to The Gaming Club Poker and closing these skins. Is this true? They are all Prima skins owned by the same group so there is no need for alarm for players. I was just wondering if this was true and if affiliates needed to pull their advertising of these 2 rooms and replace them with The Gaming Club Poker.

Any insight would be great.
Yes, they are. I was notified about Riverbelle some time ago, and about Lucky Nugget last week.

Wed like to bring to your attention that an alternative home page has been designed in the place of the Lucky Nugget Poker Room website.

Belle Rock Gaming will be re-directing all Lucky Nugget Poker Room traffic through to our flagship, premier poker room, The Gaming Club Online Poker Room.

All current Lucky Nugget Poker Room players will be able to continue their game play. If players click onto either text links or banners, they will be directed through to our new home page. This page will then prompt players to click through to The Gaming Club Online Poker Room.


Belle Rock Gaming is consolidating all its poker brands into one strong, phenomenal brand. One brand means more control, better customer service and improved player retention. Theyll ensure that all players are carefully looked after, leading to increased play and extended player lifetimes.

The good news!

This change will not effect your commission in any way and all systems are in place to track players through to The Gaming Club Online Poker Room home page.

Having one major poker brand to focus your retention efforts on gives you better control over your players, their lifetime of play and ultimately, your commission. This is also great news for players, as they will undoubtedly find the bigger online poker environment more attractive.

What to do?

It is advisable to replace all Lucky Nugget Poker Room creative and text with The Gaming Club Online Poker Room creative.

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